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Here is a list of links to various trade magazines and university or government studies documenting the benefits of electric pruners for use in the orchard, vineyard or forestry settings.



PRUNING PERFECTON: Timing, Technique & Tools

This article features our pruners. Labor costs continue to rise for vineyards and shortage of reliable workers continues to be a challenge. As well, laborers are at risk for acute injuries while pruning and long-term repetitive strain injuries. A desire to increase productivity and reduce operating costs in a competitive market has lead growers to look a bit more carefully toward the prospect of mechanized and semi-mechanized pruning and thinning operations.

Work Efficiency Tip Sheet
"Electronic pruners: faster and safer"

If you prune at least 75 hours a year and typically cut large branches to shape trees, consider a portable, electronic pruner that can save you time and reduce your risk for serious injury.

Practical Winery & Vineyard


"Pruning without pain"

Hand pruning remains the single largest expense in vineyard operations, though mechanization has had a significant impact. Unfortunately, repetitive, tiring hand pruning takes a toll on workers, causing pain and injury.


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A Study of electronic pruners of Australian Plantations

An investigation of a power assisted tool Electrocoup/Maxicoup) for low pruning of Australian plantations

Growing Magazine
"Pruning Perils" Coping with Repetitive Motion Injuries in the Orchard.

While repetitive motion injuries (RMI)—such as carpal tunnel syndrome—have gotten a lot of publicity as an occupational hazard among office workers, growers know that injuries to hands, wrists and arms from RMI is a serious concern in fruit orchards as well.

Wine Business Monthly
Product Review: Hand-Held, Electric Pruners

Although slow to catch on in the U.S., hand-held electric pruners have been shown to increase productivity and promote worker sustainability.


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